Looks are deceiving. Bea Miller cannot be many inches over 5 ft . tall, but boy, can this teenager belt the tunes.

The 16-year-old “X Factor” alum exhibited a ripe number of pipes among the acts on Fifth Harmony’s Reflection: The Summer Tour recently at The Fillmore in Miami Beach, Fla.

What’s her secret?

“I try and just relax and focus and never think of escaping . there looking at all those people,” Bea said prior to concert. “And once I’m available, I feel great. A lot of our family is here from New Jersey. Plus, when I check and I see all of the faces from the audience, they inspire me.”

Yes, many of the screaming mouths belonged to tweenagers who can’t get an ample amount of headliners Fifth Harmony, fellow X Factor-ers who may have blown up within the last year with such pop songs as “Worth It” and “Sledgehammer.”

Young blood by Bea Miller

As for Bea, big everything’s happening. Her debut album, “Not An Apology,” just dropped. “Fire N Gold” and “Young Blood” are some of the most recognizable tracks, even for adults, considering that the powerfully catchy summer anthems are constantly played on pop radio.

No is more alert to that fact than Bea.

“I mean, it is so surreal to see yourself. I had to style of do a double take. Like, is the fact that really me?”

The phenom’s dream collaboration: Ed Sheeran. “He is really talented,” said Bea in the British crooner. “And he may seem to down to earth and cool to utilize. I hope he reads this post.”

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