Dogs. Is there anything they can’t do? No. No there isnrrrt.

In another victory for dogkind everywhere, a pooch has brought a leading role in serving serial pest to humanity Justin Bieber lawsuit papers, with lawyer Scott Russo utilising the offer of some sweet puppy pats to trick the popstar.

TMZ reports which the Biebs was minding his or her own business at the beach in Laguna once the impressive bait-and-switch was lost, bending into get his gummy hands some dog-loving and copping the lawsuit papers hard from Russo when he stood up.

The lawsuit was in regards to a Grammy-night party held by Meek Mill at Russo’s property captured, that allegedly triggered risky damage to his multi-million dollar pad. As Justin attended the party Russo is serving him papers for ‘tresspassing’ on his property.

Although compelled to accept the papers it’s not too likely the truth will come prior to the courts as Justin was invited for the party.

So the very next time you spot a puppy who’s just chomping for many pats, think twi-. What am I saying? You pat that dog! You pat it REAL good. Nevermind the results.

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