Meek Mill can have started it, but Drake put a swift and decisive end with their ongoing beef on Sunday, when he trotted out Will Smith — the prodigal son and biggest star to ever leave Meek’s hometown of Philadelphia — at his OVO Fest in Toronto.

This genius come in the art of trolling gets the internet high-fiving Drake and basically counting down the periods left in Meek’s career. Not only did Drizzy, by all accounts, win the battle with the diss tracks, he’s been gleefully throwing shade at Meek all week. That he got the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star right north to go to OVO Fest — regarded by many because festival’s best year since its inception in ’09 — just about leaves no question regarding who’s ahead.

To be fair to Meek, Smith’s attendance at OVO likely has more about the fact that he and Drake are reportedly collaborating on songs than a direct affront to his Philly brother, but that inside of it is a reason for Drake’s favor.

In but the, it seems like we can all declare a conclusion to #MeekMillVsDrake and hope that Meek is released of this alive.

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