Today I’m going to speak with you about quarter notes. Quarter notes will be the basis of 4/4 time, also referred to as common time. In 4/4 time you can find four beats per measure. A quarter note represents one beat in 4/4 time, so you’ll find four quarter notes per measure.

To obtain a feel for quarter notes, start your metronome. Hit an essential on a click with the metronome and act again on each click on the metronome. Every 4x you take part in the note, that you are playing an extensive measure.

Keep playing quarter notes for a time to get yourself a firm grasp of the usb ports. Since they include the basis of 4/4 time, quarter notes are going to be used lots while understanding how to play rhythm. The count might be doubled to generate eighth notes, or cut in half to generate half notes. It might be altered a step forward, making whole notes or sixteenth notes. Either way the base on the time signature is quarter notes.

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