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In this week’s Billboard cover story Imagine Dragons talks being “atypical” rock stars, depression struggles, conflicts making use of their Mormon faith and also the backlash from other nearly $8 million advertisement for Target over the Grammys.

The band’s lead singer/songwriter and founder Dan Reynolds describes his “atypical” rockstar lifestyle.

“We’re not tatted-up, attempting to make a statement,” says Reynolds. “The spirit of rock’n’roll is certainly not you’re living within the edge, that you are a cokehead — those are only lifestyle choices.”

He will continue to share how they have been “depressed as hell” and sees a therapist.

“It’s lonely whenever your life changes this way,” he admits that. “I’ve lost my friends. It’s not like we some blowout arguments or that I feel I’m too cool — the relationships feel false. Anytime I’m conversing with someone, I feel they’re just contemplating Imagine Dragons.”

‚ÄčLastly, Reynolds sheds light on ‚Äčthe band’s nearly $8 million ad for Target throughout the Grammys as well as their unabashed commercial success.

“It never appears like an artistic compromise given that it’s about spreading the background music,” says Reynolds on the commercial tie-ins. He shows that cross-promotion exists everywhere: a song in a very movie promotes the film, while a Grammys appearance helps the Grammys and CBS brand

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