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Mumford & Sons are content to unveil film to their new single ‘Ditmas’ on 11th September 2015.

‘Ditmas’ is lifted on the band’s critically acclaimed third album, ‘Wilder Mind’, which debuted at number 1 in six countries, for example the UK and US.

The video was shot on location in Kiev by director Alex Southam (Alt-J/John Grant/First Aid Kit).

Watch the playback quality to ‘Ditmas’ below.

Speaking on the experience, Southam explains: ‘Whilst recently filming in Ukraine, I started performing some research and understading about Ukrainian Cossacks ‘ their heritage, history, and associated spiritualism. I was surprised to master that there is a small but ardent population who maintain your traditions going.

‘The narrative for Ditmas came to exist whilst discussing another idea for your band, if your suggestion of your cossacks were mooted. Cossacks are synonymous with incredible horesemanship, thus it felt as being a natural fit. Our character (Evgeniy) in the recording has grown up in just a cossack community.

“The video was shot from the stunning countryside surrounding Kiev which had been something to behold. I spent quite a long time discussing our narrative and approach with Evgeniy, deteriorating our narrative beat, together with I could considering the language barrier. Whilst the shoot was pretty brutal and unforgiving – particularly for your hero – we captured something really special.’

Ditmas (or Ditmas Park) is definitely an artist-friendly neighbourhood in Brooklyn, as well as the location of Aaron Dressner’s studio where Mumford & Sons wrote and demod high of Wilder Mind. It’s a song that emphatically showcases the band’s electric new sound, yet loses none on the intimacy or melody-rich appeal from the songs from other hugely successful albums, ‘Sigh No More’ and ‘Babel’.

Since the album’s release, Mumford & Sons have hit the highway on a sold-out headline tour in the US, whilst bringing the very first of their 2015 Gentlemen on the Road Stopovers to Seaside Heights (New Jersey) and Waverly (Iowa). Despite having only introduced these new songs in the live sets this current year, Ditmas has become a firm favourite.

Ditmas follows the release with the record’s introductory singles, ‘Believe’ and ‘The Wolf’.

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