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Nicholas Petricca, lead singer of Cincinnati-based rockband Walk The Moon, hasn’t ever been shy about being ambitious. “I think we always wanted to be one particular bands like Coldplay or Green Day or The Killers who’ve just been true to themselves but found their way into the globe and brought more rock ‘n roll music towards the pop world,” according to him.

Still, even Petricca couldn’t quite picture the relative speed when the band’s “Shut Up And Dance” has lodged itself inside the top 5 on the Hot 100 as well as the No. 1 just right Hot Rock Songs — and stayed there, for six and 12 weeks, respectively — with sophomore album Talking Is Hard inside the upper berths from the Billboard 200 at No. 25. “At on this occasion last year, we had arrived finishing our record. Now we merely found out we had sell outs Red Rocks come early july — it’s totally unmanageable,” he admits that.

Walk The Moon could add Pepsi spokespeople thus to their growing listing of 2015 achievements. The band has signed on as one on the first artist partners for Pop Open Music, Pepsi’s summer music program, which debuted new TV spots earlier recently featuring this guitar rock band’s next single, “Different Colors” all of which will team up with Walk The Moon through the summer in its new Pepsi Pass backstage summer concert offering and recently inked handle Live Nation.

Petricca says this guitar rock band is “always seeking new and unique strategies to put our music available,” and hopes the Pepsi partnership can relieve some in the band’s self-imposed pressure to top themselves the next occasion out. “At this aspect, ‘Shut Up And Dance’ moved all around the planet, so I’m undecided we would ever expect something can be quite as successful, yet it’s definitely on our minds to find out if we can perform repeatedly,” he admits that. “With this song especially, it’s a real different side of people and has this message that’s essential to us about diversity and celebrating each other’s differences, which can be an awesome tie-in using the Pepsi campaign too.”

Earlier recently, Pepsi started Pop Open Music in New York that has a concert event featuring Kid Ink and Bleachers’ Jack Antonoff. And Pepsi’s senior marketing director Lou Arbetter says vehicles will continue to give away concert tickets every hour all summer long (nevermind how the season doesn’t technically begin until this Sunday, June 21.)

“There’s nothing that connects you more to some community than you may notice music live,” Arbetter says, “and making use of that through Live Nation is exceedingly powerful for vehicles. We can offer a great deal of things like tickets and exclusive use of to events in the united states and now festivals like Lollapalooza. We can offer value under every cap of Pepsi, and let fans know we’ll be their wingman for come early july of music.”

As Walk The Moon gears up for any summer stuffed with touring (next stop: this weekend’s Firefly in Dover, Delaware), Petricca says returning towards the band’s roots in Cincinnati, where all four members still maintain residences, is a priority. “It’s almost bull crap with our fans since every time we’re onstage, we type of wave our Ohio pride flag,” says Petricca. In fact, this guitar rock band was presented having a plaque onstage with a recent gig at local venue Bogart’s declaring April 1 Walk The Moon Day in Cincinnati.

Despite the date, Petricca insists that Mayor John Cranley wasn’t pulling an April Fool’s prank. “At first we had been like, ‘Wait a 2nd, you’re not screwing around right?’ But it was real. So, we need to do them proud.”

And the best way has Petricca cheated his newfound status in the hometown? “I did get recognized in the Chipotle along with a free burrito. That was pretty cool.”

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