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Adele doesn’t wish to water herself down by becoming the facial skin of a brand, preferring to target solely to be with her music.

The British star recently made a triumphant resume the charts together with her new single Hello, from album 25, that is due for release later this month (Nov15). While many of her peers also boost their bank balances with endorsements for popular brands, Adele doesn’t have intention of still dropping that path.

“I don’t need to be the head of anything,” the Grammy winner told the New York Daily News. “If I wanted to simply be famous, like certainly be a celebrity, then I wouldn’t do music. I’ve been offered everything. And I don’t wish to water myself down. I desire to do a very important factor.”

In 2013 the singer was reportedly offered a $19 million manage beauty giant L’Oreal because of her perfect eyeliner and well groomed locks. But Adele turned it down, and admitted it wasn’t the sole deal she’s dismissed in the past.

“Commercials, nail (polishes), shoes, bags, fashion lines … hair products, in movies, being the face area of a car,” she said, listing every one of the offers she’s received.

Instead, she gets focused her attention on motherhood and producing her latest album – her first since her critically acclaimed record 21, which included hit singles Someone Like You and Rolling within the Deep. Her songs will almost always be heartfelt then when Hello debuted recently (Oct15) it left many fans in tears. But Adele hello sheet music admits she often sheds a tear to her music too.

“That’s how I understand that I’ve written a great song for myself — it’s when I start crying,” she revealed. “It’s when I just get away in tears from the vocal booth or from the studio, and I’ll desire a moment to myself.”

Despite her son Angelo, who she gave birth to in October 2012, being the key person in her life she doesn’t have a plans to pen tracks about motherhood. Fame can be off limits in relation to songwriting inspiration.

“Everyone thinks I just disappeared, and I didn’t,” she said about her hiatus. “I just went back to actual, because I had to post an album about real world, because otherwise how might you be relatable? If I wrote about being famous — that’s boring.”