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The same night Adele staged her grand return with 25’s first single and video “Hello,” Apple Music and SiriusXM both released interviews while using singer to debate her comeback track and upcoming “make-up album.” “This song became a massive breakthrough personally with my writing since it’d been pretty slow approximately this point, and I felt after I dealt with [“Hello” producer] Greg [Kurstin] about this, all of it poured straight out of me,” Adele told SiriusXM of “Hello.” “Straight away, I felt slightly silly singing ‘Hello, it’s me,’ but instantly I loved the verse and I knew it turned out going to be the very first thing I made a comeback with me.”

As Adele told Apple Music, she also enjoyed the thinking behind reigniting her dialogue with fans with “Hello,” since “the song’s really conversational.” “I knew right away that it would be the right off the bat that everyone would hear which it would open my album,” she said. “It took some convincing but as soon as the production was completed and we finished the song, everyone liked it.”

British fans first caught wind of “Hello” each time a 30-second snippet for that track appeared with no warning or explanation during an X Factor commercial break Sunday. “It would have been a great marketing idea,” Adele told Apple Music with the mysterious ad that quickly exploded virally, adding that since she doesn’t manage her very own social media accounts – she fears writing something stupid – she just “humbly” watched the reaction on Twitter. “It’s been a really slow process in my opinion. I’ve been landing on an album for a long time, keeping everything secret,” Adele said of her relief following your “Hello” commercial’s arrival. Check sheet music here.

Speaking to SiriusXM about 25’s sound, Adele said there exists both lightness and – like “Hello” – darkness to your record, along with why she considered it a “make-up album” in the open letter. “There is really a darkness about it just because I like to do dramatic, I’m a slight drama queen,” she said. “It’s quite a bit less themed as my last record. The reason I labeled it a ‘make-up record,’ it sounds super cliché, but my last record was labeled a ‘break-up record,’ and rightly so, because it was obviously a break-up record. This record is focused on how I feel in contrast to how someone else has created me feel, really want how I made myself feel.”

25 is Adele’s third LP, following her debut 19 and breakthrough 21. “I feel like the thinking behind calling the albums after my maturity is sort of like going for a photograph of playing,” the now-27-year-old singer told Apple Music, adding that “the magnitude of stuff that’s happened” when she was 25 – such as birth of her son – informed the record. However, this can be the last Adele album on bearing a number since it’s title, as Adele revealed, “25 is the ideal age to separate the albums named after how old irrrve become.”