Songwriter and vocalist Diane Charlemagne has died.

Charlemagne found fame as singer from the British outfit Urban Cookie Collective. Her wonderful soul voice was prominent on various drum & bass hits, including Goldie tunes like “Inner City Life” and “Kemistry.”

A label message read: I’m very sorry to always announce the death of Diane Charlemagne. Diane passed on this afternoon enclosed by her family after losing her brave struggle with cancer.

The discharge of her last record ‘It’s In Your Eyes’ featuring Andy Rourke of The Smiths and remixed by Youth, may go ahead on November 20th as planned, with all the proceeds gonna Diane’s family.

Diane Charlemagne Featuring Andy Rourke
It’s In Your Eyes
Northern Quarter
20 November 2015

‘It’s In Your Eyes’ can be a slice of sophisticated urban soul featuring iconic Moss Side singer Diane Charlemagne (Moby, Urban Cookie Collective, Goldie) and Simon Wolstencroft, long-term member of The Fall and Ian Brown’s drummer.

On hearing the demo on the track, Andy Rourke, iconic bass player and person in The Smiths joined the collective to get down some of his signature bass lines, underpinning the infectious melody. Strings come due to ex-Elbow and I Am Kloot’s Jote Osahn, thus, making this a real Mancunian tour de force.

The track was made by Mike Bennett (The Fall, Ian Brown, The Specials and Kim Fowley), arranged and engineered by Pete Booker (The Kinks, Justin Timberlake and East 17) and possesses been remixed by Youth who’s got produced a robust Drum and Bass version from the track.

The Band:
Diane Charlemagne – Lead Vocal & Background Vocals
Andy Rourke – Bass
Simon Wolstencroft – Drums & Odyssey
Pete Booker – Jupiter 6 – Moog Voyager, Virus TI, Guitar & Background Vocals
Mike Bennett – Background Vocals, Guitar & VCS 3
Jote Osahn – 5 String Violin