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Ed Sheeran will not writing new tunes for One Direction’s new album because ‘they can type of do their particular thing’ now.

The 24-year-old The A Team singer penned several tracks to the British boyband, including Little Things and Over Again for 2012 LP Take Me Home and tune 18, which appears on 2014 release Four.

But in advance of One Direction’s forthcoming album Made in the A.M., Ed has revealed his songwriting duties are over for your band.

‘They’ve gotten to a time where they are fully aware how to write songs,’ he told MTV News. ‘Harry was 16 when I first met him.however he’s 21 and contains written with everyone in the world and learned creating songs, in order that they don’t actually need as much help anymore. They can form of do his or her thing.’

Ed claims writing for One Direction may be an organic experience for him in past times. Check Drag me down sheet music.


He were built with a toilet breakthrough with 18, as Ed just knew the song was suitable for them.

‘I was a student in Denmark and I wrote it inside my hotel bathroom and I was like, ‘This seems like a One Direction song,’ he recalled.

‘And I emailed it for them, and they also were like, ‘I love it,’ in order that it wasn’t even me requiring you to write a song. It was exactly like, I’ll see what you think.’

Ed carries a number of other exciting professional opportunities out and about right now, while he is currently preparing to co-host the MTV European Music Awards in Milan, Italy with Orange will be the New Black actress Ruby Rose in October (15).

Redhead Ed may have a busy night as they is also nominated to the Best Male and Best Live Act awards on the event.

Both Ed and Ruby use a difficult act to follow along with, as being the 2014 ceremony, that was hosted by Nicki Minaj, was “most widely distributed show in MTV EMA history’ once you have a 17% boost in ratings.