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“I am hungover, so my mind’s definitely not working, I’m sorry,” Ed Sheeran says, explaining he sought out the previous night in Miami with DJ Khaled for “a wide range of very, very loud rock music and sparkly bottles and stuff this way.” Sheeran is getting ready to take the stage at Tampa’s Amalie Arena — having a capacity of 13,000, it’s one of several smaller gigs using a tour that’s Sheeran playing U.S. stadiums the first time. In July, he did three sold-out nights at London’s Wembley Stadium, all with out a band. Sheeran’s mentor Elton John joined him onstage, and told him, “You’re really the only person in the globe who could accomplish this on your own.” Says Sheeran, “The peak was only walking out onstage in my ballet shoes and seeing everything that. It’s quite a sight to behold.”

In his book Life, Keith Richards writes about going from within get a date to owning every woman in the entire world after him. Have you experienced that?
I’ve gotten more attention on the wrong almost women. Like, the almost women I wouldn’t have wished to date anyway show attention now — those who are form of driven by money and fame and even get applied for to nice restaurants and bought nice things, you already know? I’ve for ages been more interested in someone who would likely want to search for a dive bar and do shots and play pool.

You recently spent a little while with Keith once you opened to the Rolling Stones — the fact that was that like?
It was good! He’s definitely a sort and humble person, but he’s definitely Keith Richards — they can handle his drink and drugs. The best thing he was quoted saying to me was when I was conversing with him about getting arrested, and he stated, “I’ve never had a problem with drugs — I had a problem with police officers.” Check Thinking out loud sheet music.

You got a tremendous tattoo of the lion with your chest to celebrate playing Wembley Stadium.
Well, the England crest is three lions, so I would get three lions, but I got one instead. And that’s form of the story. I don’t actually know why people make this type of big fuss from it. I know lots of people with shit tattoos in f**** Greek and Latin which they can’t even read or be aware that say slogans like “Times change, individuals do not,” as well bullshit prefer that. I’m sure [David] Beckham has some shit on him, some type of Chinese art that no person would discover that strange. But they find me putting something symbolizes me playing the greatest venue in England weird.

Thinking Out Loud

Who found the tattoo weird?
Every single news story was ready how it was weird. The press hasn’t been this thinking about me, and from now on they are, but I don’t really discover why. I don’t go about doing anything that interesting. I read stories about Justin Bieber and I think, “Oh, well, that sounds fun.” And mine’s like, “Ed f*** goes and buys a wine.” Why does anyone care? I’ve been doing a bit of stuff to f*** with all the press recently. They don’t come up with the right things — Wembley was a hefty achievement, I think. They’re picking out the wrong what you should focus on.

Have you ever considered putting together a band?
Yeah. And then I type of was like, “There’s nobody else within my level doing what I’m doing, utilize this type I wish to do what most people are doing?” Surely it’s preferable to be different. And I know my show might be better when I take action solo than if I do it using a band.

What is the best next goal after Wembley?
I desire to do stadiums everywhere, besides certain places. We just did Dallas and Houston, and Boston is next. I need to be able to perform a proper stadium anywhere in the planet.

I read you’re already taking care of both your third and fourth album.
I could probably release one of these tomorrow and have absolutely people enjoy it. X was packed with good songs as well as a couple of great songs, and I feel as if on the next handful of records you will see more great songs than good songs.

Is it factual that you’re likely to Africa to find new sounds?
I are not aware of who told those who. There’s definitely a press leak within my team somewhere. But it’s true. I know a lot of Ghanaian musicians in London, and the’ve always said to go over there. I think that I’d go there and turn into revitalized. Their record companies isn’t like our music business. Our record companies is really cutthroat and the ones trying to climb in addition to each other to arrive at the top. They just practice it to create music given that they love it.

You’re a competitive guy, though. Who do you view when your competition within the pop world?
Well, I’d say everybody is. The music thing is like a race, and I need to win the race. I’m not likely to trip up anyone around the way to the conclusion line, in the event that makes sense. Like, I’ve got my competition, but I would like to see them succeed too. I just need to win.