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Singer Ellie Goulding is hoping the unity which has been evident on the Glastry festival to keep in the wake of Britain’s EU Referendum.

The British Lost and Found singer performed with the annual music festival in Somerset, England on Sunday, just days following your United Kingdom voted to go away the European Union.

The decision is mainly responsible for major divisions involving the ‘Leave’ and ‘Remain’ camps, but Ellie was content to see everyone come together in the festival, and hopes the spirit from the event helps carry the U.K. through uncertain times.

“I know products have been somewhat weird recent years days. Actually that’s an understatement,” Ellie said, according to The Mirror. “but it’s extremely nice to be a place high is so much unity and where everyone can be so happy and friendly and dancing together and laughing together and loving the other.

“I really hope let’s focus on this lovely country that I have a home in and you reside in that that sentiment, that spirit of Glastonbury, happens in every state still, because I know some really terrible important things have been happening and I really hope any time you go home that you just guys will require that spirit along,”

The tensions due to the referendum vote has generated violence and abuse geared towards immigrants residing in England – as being the immigration issue was one on the main causes of the vote to depart the EU, and Ellie is encouraging Glastonbury revellers to line a good example within the weeks and months ahead.

“If the thing is that that that spirit will not be happening wherever your home is, wherever you might be, for some other people… We are all a single person, many of us are human beings,” she said. “I would like to say I really hope that people can all carry the spirit of Glastonbury home along with us, because that could make me happy.”