Nick Jonas live

Nick Jonas needed to give up control over his life to be able to regain his freedom.

The 23-year-old singer has produced the foundations of your strong solo career since parting ways from his sibling group Jonas Brothers in 2013. He has three solo albums to his name, with latest offering Last Year Was Complicated released on 10 June and acting roles under his belt, though he admits it required a bit of your leap to go to where he or she is today.

“I think the crucial element was I needed to give up control first and type of say, okay, I was gripping everthing too tightly; allow me to just take one step back and work together with some new people, get creative rather than be afraid to merely go there,” he told, as they spoke about feeling free as part of his profession.

“So the largest piece of that had been opening up and being ready to explore new stuff, and after that in return I wrote a bit of music that I’m really happy with, that basically connected, and located some great projects that I could evolve in.”

Nick carries a few collaborations on his technology, including a song called Good Girls with Big Sean plus a track called Bacon with Ty Dolla $ign.

However, the star’s hopes for the perfect partnership died a few months ago when the world lost a musical icon.

“Well, Prince was,” Nick sighed when asked who however like to join forces with. “It was obviously a big dream about mine to help him. Obviously it isn’t really possible now and I’m sad to obtain lost him. Kanye (West), it is a dream to help him, as well as Drake is I’d love to assist,” he added.