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“It’s been a little while since I’ve done any shows or anything,” Justin Bieber told his excitable fans early into his performance with the inaugural Billboard Hot 100 Festival on Sunday night. “You guys miss me?”

The response from your audience was deafening. So were the “JUS-TIN! JUS-TIN!” chants that echoed within the Nikon at Jones Beach Theatre minutes prior to a 21-year-old took happens, and, obviously, the shrieks emitted when he arrived onstage to your opening whooshes of “Boyfriend.” Nearly 2 yrs have passed since Bieber’s last world tour ended, and during a seven-song set at Hot 100 Fest, Bieber audibly panted into his microphone, the taxing choreography and vocal gymnastics choosing a toll about the pop superstar.

Still, Bieber moved and sounded on time his comeback set, that can serve as area of the lead-up to his next album; meanwhile, the loving crowd indicated that his artistry was indeed missed by many.

“Man, I’ve missed you much,” Bieber finished his thought. “It’s so excellent to be back with this stage.”

Bieber’s headlining set was billed like a “special performance,” and his awesome show was separated into three segments. None of them included the debut of recent single “What Do You Mean,” for being released on Friday (Aug. 28). At one time, Bieber teased the competition with, “You guys wanna hear newer and more effective music? Well bad, because I’m playing a vintage song.”

What Do You Mean?

Instead, Bieber started that has a trio of singles from his last album, 2012’s Believe. He sported a gray hoodie and the slickest dance moves on “Boyfriend,” momentarily grinded which has a backup dancer during “Beauty plus a Beat” and sang an a cappella outro of “As Long As You Love Me” that made Bieber double over while crooning. The start to Bieber’s performance was paying homage to his high-production arena showcases, with backup dancers populating takes place and amplifier graphics bursting onscreen behind him.

Then, Bieber unexpectedly delved into Journals, the introspective R&B project he released online in 2013. Sitting down with a stool near to an accompanying guitarist, Bieber wanted the lights being dimmed and flaunted his voiceover a few acoustic licks. Bieber played “Hold Tight” and “All That Matters” while clenching a white towel and mopping activity is with his battered soul; he tossed within a stripped-down tackle “Be Alright” for great measure.

And that was time for you to party. “I may need some help,” Bieber said, looking skyward. “Skrillex, that you at?” The EDM superstar dutifully returned, dropped DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win,” and after Bieber was completed bouncing around, the warped vocal pleas of “Where Are U Now” kicked in. Bieber removed his shirt over the second half from the surprise top hit, then joined Skrillex about the producer’s massive DJ deck.

The performance ended with Bieber and Skrillex, standing next to each other, performing the whip/nae-nae dance on the final chorus of “Where Are U Now.” Bieber’s giddiness was apparent, along with the festival pals (the Biebs previously joined Skrillex at HARD and Ultra) made their a huge number of onlookers feel contained in their collaboration.

Bieber wouldn’t play any new music over the Hot 100 Fest performance, however the showcase of his past and provides hinted on the future he or she is clearly anxious to inhabit. Five days before his next single is released, Bieber made his past ones trust in Sunday night.