Pop star Justin Bieber found his purpose in everyday life again after losing his way.

The Canadian singer has experienced a number of low points during the last couple of years, including brushes together with the law for DUI and throwing eggs with a neighbour’s house, and also his on-off relationship with Selena Gomez, these days Justin is back on track, obtaining five MTV EMAs on Sunday (25Oct15) because he gears approximately release his new album, Purpose.

“The reason I named it Purpose was because for quite a while there I feel as if I lost my purpose, and I think that I found my purpose again,” he revealed to BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw. “Maybe that message would be to say that, it doesn’t matter how far you sense that you are from yourself or you think that you don’t have your own purpose, or else you don’t know what your goal is, or you seem like you lost your life purpose – almost always there is room to seek out that purpose again.” Check What do you mean sheet music here.

Justin was thrilled to become the big winner on the awards ceremony in Milan, Italy, where he performer his hit track What Do You Mean? and that he told Nick you’re ready to put his past misdemeanours behind him while focusing on the future.

“The idea that people weren’t ready to accept me making mistakes was almost really hypocritical, because you know, should you be 19 and 20 and making mistakes… obviously I have use of a lot more stuff and I’m within microscope, I got cameras on me constantly,” he explained. “So I understand, but I’m done really apologising.”

Justin is relieved that his creations has been so received well because previously he hasn’t always released the songs he needed to.

“I wasn’t really capable of making the music that I needed to make, and I became young, and I had people telling me things to record and giving me songs and stuff, thus it really wasn’t my music,” he confessed. “It was, nonetheless it wasn’t. So I’m glad given that I really use a say with what I do, and feel as if this is my project.”