Kanye West has uploaded two new and unexpected tracks to his Soundcloud page, entitled ‘Say You Will’ and ‘When I See It’.

The latest version of ‘Say You Will’ – the opening track on West’s album ‘808s and Heartbreak’ – features violinist Caroline Shaw, who The Atlantic report West saw perform in New York and then recruited to execute with him.

The second track ‘When I See It’ is often a retitled version of The Weeknd’s ‘Tell Your Friends’, which West helped to provide in its original incarnation.

It’s cloudy at this stage if the tracks will form component of ‘Yeezus’ follow-up ‘Swish’, although it seems unlikely. ‘Swish’ has yet to obtain an official release date. These tracks left the blue and without fanfare, and therefore are the first tracks to show up on a Soundcloud account that Kanye’s held for quite a while.