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Major Lazer have unveiled their tunes for “Powerful,” featuring Ellie Goulding and reggae singer Tarrus Riley. The James Slater-directed video could be the latest over dance powerhouse’s LP Peace Is the Mission. “This is just about the songs I’m most pleased with writing by using these awesome people,” Diplo tweeted following your video premiered.

“Powerful” involves the chorus, “There’s a power / When you hold me / When you touch me / It’s so powerful,” and also the video reveals that energy is telekinesis. Goulding and Riley first use their joint superpower for innocuous purposes like making coffee cups spin and bending spoons inside of a drowsy diner. Eventually though, the duo cause major chaos inside restaurant by disrupting everyone’s meals, swirling plates and building a waitress levitate. Major Lazer themselves only include a fleeting cameo appearance for the diner’s tv.


In a newly released interview with Rolling Stone, Major Lazer’s Diplo, who’s also taking care of his Jack Ü project with Skrillex, discussed the changing landscape of EDM. “It’s been a sluggish evolution in America — you’ve kept the biggest, glossiest, most masculine music at EDM raves. But it’s got teenagers excited about music,” Diplo said. “Jack Ü is headlining festivals now, and Skrillex and I are on the websites for playing random records, doing what I love, being unpredictable, being trendsetting.”

Jack Ü recently released the music activity video for “Where Are Ü Now” featuring Justin Bieber.

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