Dionne Bromfield feels her “life is made” after meeting Beyoncé.

The 19-year-old singer-songwriter met Beyoncé after her husband Jay Z performed with the Wireless festival and Dionne has fond memories in the encounter together with the Grammy-winning star.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Dionne said: “I remember Beyoncé informed me, ‘Come and take a seat next for me’, then she believed to me, ‘I know your music’. And I thought, she actually is just saying this.

“She knew ‘Mama Said’, and I was like, Beyoncé knows my stuff! Life is perfect now!”

Dionne – who recently starred in ‘Friday Download The Movie (Up All Night)’ – also revealed she’s currently preparing to release songs later this coming year, having enjoyed a prolonged break through the business.

Dionne confessed: “I’ve had two albums out by the chronilogical age of sixteen, if you ask me that was a large thing, that is not normal on an average person, however it was normal for me.

“You certainly will be hearing music from me at the least by the end of this coming year, and much more of my stuff may be the beginning of buy.”

And the London-born singer revealed her songs will be noticeably different to her previous tunes.

Dionne said: “It’s somewhat different to what I usually do. You can definitely view the progression and that I have started.
“This is me – here is the new stamp that I needed.”

‘Friday Download The Movie (Up All Night)’ can be acquired now on DVD, download as well as on demand.