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Mumford & Sons will strap within the football boots for just a charity soccer match in Sydney this Friday.

Mumford & Sons will contest with The Vaccines, stars of Bondi Rescue, the Dungog Boomerangs and youth leaders from NCIE together with music biz peeps from Dew Process, Sony, I Oh You, Purple Sneakers, Stoney Roads and UndrCtrl.

“The gift that keeps on giving. If there’s a very important factor that unites us and our crew and many of the British bands we are to go on tour with, it’s not music, it’s football. It’s the niche that anyone who’s never met can suddenly become intimate over, it’s the greatest leveller, and it’s the maximum sport on this planet. We love football. Football.” Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons said in a very statement.

The Soccer round robin are going to be open to people from 5.45pm (first game commences at 6pm). Entry can be a $5 donation, with all of proceeds coming to the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence as well as the Dungog Community.

“Football is everything for me. It’s empowering, it’s humanising, it’s beautiful and it’s fun. For all with the highs and all from the catharsis that music provides me with, there isn’t a feeling in the world like playing good football with pals,” said Justin Hayward, The Vaccines.