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Rihanna is apparently anti-Pokemon after demanding her fans have the moment during her concert on Saturday night.

The Sledgehammer star brought her Anti World Tour to Lille, France, where she encouraged the thousands within the audience to seriously enjoy the experience with the live gig in contrast to watching her show through the screens in their mobile devices.

During her concert, she gave an address about being in the instant, and called out any people that use popular Pokemon Go app, an augmented reality game where users ‘catch’ the digital creatures.

In videos posted on Twitter, Rihanna is observed telling her fans, “I shouldn’t see you texting your boyfriends or perhaps your girlfriends. I do not want to see you catching any Pokemons up on this b**ch.”

The R&B star is not the only celebrity to criticise the app, and amongst those who have the same way is Zachary Quinto, who discussed the action while promoting Star Trek Beyond, a motion picture which features a brand new theme song called Sledgehammer by Rihanna.

Speaking of Pokemon mania, Zachary told Entertainment Tonight: “I think it’s good that people are engaging against each other, but I feel as if the ultimate goal for people is to be capable of singing that without the unit in our hands.

“And I realise that technology has evolved then there is a lot of good that comes from that, and I haven’t any judgement with people who are with it, but I seem like, what exactly is facilitate the conversation about connecting without these products between us?”

Rihanna & Sledgehammer