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Singer Sam Smith has taken a hiatus so they can go home and stay “a 23 years old”.

The British star has received a crazy 1 year, winning four Grammy Awards, and also two prizes in the Brits, and that he is currently in the center of promoting his James Bond theme song, Writing’s on the Wall. But once that’s all done, the star is ready for any well-earned break.

“I’ve been going let’s focus on three years non-stop and it also feels suitable for me to just go back home and just live my life and stay a 23 year-old,” he told ET Online. “My love lives, the downs and ups, it never stops, so I’m always inspired by stuff like that, but it might be good to invest some time (just) dating.” Check Writing’s On The Wall sheet music here.

Sam’s unrequited love was the main topic of his debut album, In the Lonely Hour, which brought him a whole lot critical acclaim and topped the charts worldwide. While the singer is keen to relax up with family and friends to get a while in England, it doesn’t mean his brain cells have stopped flowing.

“I happen to be writing slightly,” he shared. “Already I have a bit of a direction of the items I want to say and what I wish to accomplish and the sound, how I want circumstances to sound, however, there is a long way to look.”

Sam probably won’t get excessive chance to relax using the success of Writing’s on the Wall. Hopes are high which the star follows in the footsteps of his Bond theme tune predecessor Adele, who won an Academy Award to be with her track Skyfall. Sam is unwilling to think along those lines and is particularly just thrilled to be part of the 007 franchise.

“It would have been a dream of mine to try and do Bond, but I never imagined it would happen this quickly,” he explained. “It’s been a total whirlwind of the experience, but I love this song a whole lot and when the thing is that it with all the film, it can all make complete sense.”