Selena Gomez’s parents wouldn’t like her to be tour.

The 23-year-old singer, who recently revealed she was informed they have the autoimmune disease Lupus 36 months ago, is about to hit the direction to promote her new album, ‘Revival’, but her mother, Mandy, and stepfather Brian Teefey have urged her to pay attention to her health.

A source said: “Her parents are terribly upset she’s arranging a new concert tour and therefore are begging her to reconsider. They don’t think her body works with that.”

But the ‘Same Old Love‘ hitmaker, who fired her parents as her managers in April 2014, doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

The insider told Life & Style Weekly: “She features a new a feeling of empowerment and freedom. Nobody can actually tell her anything at the moment.” Check sheet music.

Selena recently insisted jane is feeling good, but admitted she’s to handle herself.

She said: “You’ll contain it forever. It’s sort of one of those situations. You just have to manage yourself.”