The Band Perry have dropped their new video for “Live Forever” — the primary single off their upcoming third album — and it also shows the group entering into a new, pop-friendly sonic space with visuals to complement.

In the clip, the sibling trio look toned up and newly styled, even getting work done in some choreography while they perform in a very cube of projection screens. From the clothes towards the posturing to your fluorescent laser beams in it, something is for sure — the household band is expanding beyond their down-home “If I Die Young” roots.

A recurring theme in the Perrys’ new style is color, then one color particularly stands out: the neon yellow this rock band has been using in their teaser promos for months now. It appears early and quite often in the video, and never only as one on the laser-beam projections. It’s also along with of blood every time a group of teenage girls sign up for a knife and cut their hands for being blood sisters, each time a boy falls off his neon-yellow bike, when two young lovers give one another tattoos (of TBP symbols) and whenever a suit-wearing business dude gets his jaw broken in the sketchy fight-club situation.

When combined with the songs lyrics, the purpose of those mini-stories looks like it’s that if you place your mind to something, anything may be possible — understanding that sometimes you probably can have everthing. The girls remain friends for about a whole pool party, the youngster on his bike gets back from the saddle, the young lovers don’t end up being infections plus the fight-club guy pops up like Rocky in any of the very first four movies. In the end, all of them join this rock band inside the cube for the yellow-themed dance party.

According towards the band, much in the pop flavor behind “Live Forever” originates from the big, anthemic melody provided by one of their producers, Moroccan-born RedOne, who’s also a hand in hits by Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Pitbull.

The Band Perry – Live Forever

There’s no word yet on once the new Band Perry album arrive out, but more unexpected collaborations are rumored for being store, including assist “Happy” hitmaker Pharrell Williams, DJ and rapper Diplo and folky singer-songwriter Audra Mae.