Passion Pit ,Take A Walk, sheet music, piano, download

Passion Pis is and indietronica band from Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was formed way back in 2007 and Take a Walk is their single of their second studio album called Gossamer, which was recorded in 2012. It was released as a lead single in May 2012.

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passion pit, take a walk, sheet music, score, chords, tabs, play

About the Scoring

The song was written and published in the key of B Major. It was transposed into several other keys which are: -2 A Major, -1 Bb Major, +1 C Major, +3 D Major, +4 Eb Major, -6 G Major, -4 G Major. Music notes were made for Piano, backup vocals and vocals in range of F#4-F#5.

Lyrics and the composition was written by Michael Angelakos.

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Passion Pit ,Take A Walk, sheet music, piano, download

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