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Style is a brand new song of an American singer and songwriter Taylor Swift that will be present on her fifth studio album called 1989 (which indicated the year of artists birth).

It will be released on February 9, 2015. The song itself is 3:51 long and is regarded as a electropop / rock, published under Big Machine – Republic label.

Download Origianl Scoring

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About the Scoring

The tempo of the song is 92-96 and it is originally written in the key of D Major. It was also transcribed into +7 A Major, +8 Bb Major, -2 C Major, +1 Eb Major, +3 F Major, +5 G Major. It is a 6-page scoring for piano, backup vocals and vocals in range of B3-D5. The song was written by the singer and Max Martin, Ali Payami and Johan Shellback.

Piano Cover


Taylor Swift, artist, singer, songwriter

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